euphoria hyperdrive: creating memories.


Dr. Green, NASA Hyperwall Presentation [11th August 2017].

As planetary scientist Dr. James Green shared halfway the recent statistics about Juno Mission and the possibility of complex life on Saturn’s moon, Titan, I can’t help but lose myself in a choo-choo-train of thought. The answer to one of the most controversial questions, ‘are we alone in this universe?’ may be answered anytime now.
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences”, Carl Sagan’s aphorism swings like a pendulum at the back of my head as I pushed myself to listen to what Dr. Green had to say. Nothing goes in. His explanations had been suspended in mid-air, dissolved into white noises in the background. I was distracted. I was in utmost awe.  Read More

how many of me do i see?

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“Pop Psychedelic” by Steven Wilson

8:30am. why were the clouds undulating across the sky? they were moving, failing to shade the sun rays which entered the room, trying to outshine the loneliness i had from the previous nights. the room was humid and it was hard to breathe, all because of the tossing and the turning from the night and now, the ever-licking sun’s heat on my toes gets warmer as the second passes.
i woke up with a new drawing tablet on my desk. i don’t know what to feel. i am bitter. i am miserable. i am sad. i am angry. i should be thankful. i started blaming the ‘incidents’ that happened as a child which made me a deformed, two-faced person which personalities i shouldn’t have developed but did anyway. Read More

hate it when it happens.

the weight of this hollow chest is heavy for many sleepless nights. grievance. staying in bed, skipping lessons, too lazy for assignments, forgetting meals, forgetting to smile. “are you okay?” they asked. “yeah, never been better!” i hate it when this happens.

i’m tired of aimlessly moping around. once the sun is up, its nighttime. once it’s nighttime, the eyes widen over nothing and the perturbed body freezes. and then breaks into sweat. why does the most deepest feelings contradict? i hate it when this happens.